Sales & Marketing Strategy

Good results come from good initial planning, followed by persistent, professional execution. We will work with you to identify the marketing and sales strategy to achieve the custom results you are looking for.

Product Placement

Our team will work to place your products in targeted stores and departments. Our goals are to maximize long term value for your products, through attention to detail at this critical stage.

Sustain and Promote

We protect your shelf “real estate” through handling promotional calendars, trade shows, and long-term account management. Through our trusted partner relationship, we want to drive value for years to come.

Cost Savings

In addition to driving revenue through product placement, we work with you to minimize costs at the distribution, logistical, and retail levels.

Sales & Marketing Specialists for the US West Coast

Our focus is principally upon Southern California and the Pacific Northwest, including Greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, and Spokane, WA.

Our Core Region

Organic, Non-GMO, Clean

Our focus is to drive broader placement for the type of food we enjoy ourselves–organic, non-gmo, and clean foods of all kinds.


We are pleased to represent certified organic products.


We represent products made from non-GMO ingredients


We selectively accept products that are not organic or non-gmo if they are clean foods or if the certifications are unnecessary.

Our Standards

For more information on our standards or to discuss whether your brand meets our requirements, please contact us.

Contact us

We welcome responding to your questions and comments.  We invite you to call at 206-250-7722, email at, or contact us using the below form.