Why Good Now Foods

Good Now Foods staff have, over the past 17 years, placed a wide variety of products in stores around the West Coast and Pacific Rim.  Our background brings several points of value that differentiate us from other solutions:

  • Experience working internally at most major distributors.
  • Existing contacts at most west coast retail accounts.
  • An experienced team representing you for less cost than a single junior employee.
  • Team specialized in Organic, non-GMO, and clean foods.
  • Focused on ROI, including both revenue growth and cost saving.
  • No long term commitment required.
  • Experience placing container orders for major retailers in Singapore & Hong Kong (requires enough shelf life for shipping).
  • Transparent, candid, regular communication so you always know status.
  • In addition to professional sales, we regularly advise clients on packaging, logistics, promotions, pricing, and other strategy.
  • A collaborative, partner-based approach to bringing your products to the market.