Accounts Served

Over the past 17 years, Good Now Foods staff have worked with all of the major and minor accounts in our core territories.  Our active and ongoing relationships with many of these accounts allow us to effectively place and sustain products that are well matched.  

  • National Chains. We focus on National Chains with a strong presence in our core markets. Our specialty is a strategic approach that best positions you for long term growth in these major markets.
  • Regional Chains. Medium sized regional chains often generate better volume than even large national stores, particularly for specialty items. We have experience with all major regional chains on the West Coast and many of the products we have placed enjoy great results from these accounts.
  • High Volume Independents. Some individual stores or small chains of 2-3 stores are the right place to start for new products in the market. Demonstrating success in these locations allows for growth into larger accounts.
  • International Accounts. Our team has experience selling to some of the largest chain retailers in the Pacific Rim, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and other major markets. If your products are a good fit for these types of accounts, we welcome working with you to introduce them properly.
  • Distribution. Good Now Foods has worked for, and with, all of the major West Coast distributors, as well as many of the boutique or regional firms. We work with our vendor partners to achieve the best distribution terms (fees, spoilage, other costs) and ensure your products are ready for delivery.
  • Online. With the rise in online buying, as well as consolidation in the industry, our customers have begun to leverage this venue as a new path. We have placed products in several online venues, including some of the largest, and welcome introducing your products into these opportunities.