About Us – Our Mission

We are passionate about food made from “real” ingredients: organic foods, non-GMO foods, and limited ingredient or “clean” foods. 

The major accounts we market to are passionate about these same things and know that when Good Now Foods team members bring in a product, it will meet theirs and their customers’ rigorous standards.  Some of the accounts we serve only accept items that are Organic or non-GMO.

Our mission is to market organic, non-GMO, and clean brands so that they are exposed to the broadest customer base, and supported with fair and reasonable promotions and other sales support.  Learn more about the accounts we work with.

For over 17 years now, we have worked with a variety of products, ranging from grocery, beverage, service deli, bakery, and other categories to achieve their goals.  We have participated in all sides of the channel, from distribution to manufacturing to retail to logistics, and our goal is to leverage that knowledge in support of marketing responsible and sustainable products.